Our 3-Phase units are designed to meet UL insulation system and UL 1561 Standard Construction requirements and are fully customizable to meet application specific requirements. V&F has experience with both copper and aluminum conductors in both open core and coil and standard/custom enclosed configurations. V&F’s powerful engineering team has the expertise and experience to address even the most complex application requirements whether it be harmonic mitigation or meeting specific electrical tolerances. V&F’s computer aided design systems will not only allow V&F to develop an optimal design from a construction and cost standpoint but also allows our engineering team the ability to “virtually prototype” 3-Phase magnetics to predict performance in a customer’s application.

V&F Transformer three-phase power transformers

Special Features

  • Multiple Domestic Production Facilities equipped to handle low volume high mix, as well as high volume large kVA Transformer Requirements.
  • Various core structures/geometries and experience with grain oriented (M3 through M6) and non-oriented steel materials
  • Customized Mounting and Bracing Options including experience with shipboard and seismic applications
  • Customizable primary and secondary voltage combinations and configurations (Delta, Wye, Auto, Zig-Zag, Scott-T)
  • Full Service Electrical and Mechanical Design of 3-Phase Transformers with Fully Customizable Electrical Specifications
  • Experience with copper and aluminum conductors in both wire and foil (strip configurations)


Capacity: Low VA up to 5 MVA+
Frequencies: 50 thru 400 Hz
Conductor: Copper and Aluminum (wire and foil)
Agency Approvals UL, CUL, and CE
Insulation Classes: H (180°C) thru R (220°C)
Termination: Flying Leads, Wiring Harnesses, Screw Terminals, Bus Bar, and Loop Tap
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6,12, 18, and 24 Pulse Transformers

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Medium Voltage Transformers (15 kV Class)

V&F Transformer drive isolation

Drive Isolation Transformers

V&F Transformer isolation and auto transformers

Isolation and Auto-Transformers

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2016 DOE Compliant Transformers

15-500 kVA (UL Listed Component)
Above 500 kVA Available (UL Recognized Insulation System Only)
Copper and Aluminum Conductor as well as Open Core Coil / Enclosed Configurations
Fully Customizable to meet application specific in-rush, K-Factor, impedance and reactance requirements
V&F offers full validation/verification testing in compliance with the 2016 DOE Efficiency Standard Requirements
Fully Customizable to meet application specific in-rush, K-Factor, impedance and reactance requirements

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