At V&F Transformer, we leverage our full design engineering capabilities to exceed your expectations at every stage.

Our leading technical team of seasoned engineers has over 150 years of combined experience designing, developing, and producing custom magnetic solutions. That means you can rest easy, knowing we’re addressing your most unique, challenging requirements with precision engineering.

Optimized design. Top-quality solutions

We deliver truly customized designs via computer-aided software and rigorously documented priority design standards.

Our engineering team virtually prototypes and predictively analyzes units’ performance in the application, ensuring solutions will meet your needs.

Complete support for your operations

As part of the global ERMCO network, V&F Transformer can scale to meet your most challenging demands — on time, every time. With operational redundancy and access to multiple sites across North America, we deliver a broader range of hybrid assembly options, safety stocking programs, and logistical options.

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