Our single phase units can be designed to meet a number of agency approvals and customized to offer application specific mounting and termination. Our metal stamping and plastic injection modeling capabilities allow V&F to go beyond normal customization boundaries and truly build a unit that is tailored to your end use application. V&F’s global footprint allows the most economic production option for low, medium, and high volume requirements and V&F’s hybrid production option conforms with most Buy America Act requirements.

V&F Transformer single phase transformers

Special Features

  • Domestic and Overseas Production Capabilities
  • Various core types and steel materials (Grain Oriented, Non-Oriented, Ferrite, and Powdered Iron)
  • Customized Mounting Options including Thru Hole and Surface Mount PC Board Configurations
  • Customizable primary and secondary voltage combinations
  • Paper Section, Bobbin, and Form Winding Capabilities
  • Specially tooled metal and plastic components


Capacity: 1VA thru 250 kVA
Frequencies:  50-400 Hz and Switch Mode up to 20 kHZ
Conductor: Copper and Aluminum
Agency Approvals: VDE, UL, CSA, CE
Insulation Classes: A (105°C) thru R (220°C)
Termination: Flying Leads, Wiring Harnesses, Screw Terminals, Bus Bar, and Loop Tap
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Constant Voltage/Ferro Resonant Transformers

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Audio Transformers

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Class II Transformers

UL and CSA Listed (UL File # E95575)
UL Recognized Component: 130°C Insulation System (UL File # E67471)
Inherently Limited: 30 to 50 VA
Non-Inherently Limited: 50-96 VA
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PC Board Mounted Units

Thru Hole and Surface Mount Configuration

Ferrite and Powdered Iron Core Types
Tape and Reel Packaging
Compatible with Vapor Phase and Infrared Reflow Soldering

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