Our design engineers can help you with whatever filtering you may need whether that be in the form of AC Reactors or DC Chokes. Not only do our design engineers bring years of experience to each design, but our knowledgeable production team has built thousands of tuned reactors ranging in size from PC Board level components up to reactors in excess of 750 kVAR and weighing nearly 5,000 lbs. The V&F team will help you determine which type of reactive magnetic is suitable for your application and design a magnetic component that is perfect for your needs.

V&F Transformer single phase reactive magnets

Special Features

  • Domestic and Overseas Production Capabilities (Production site is determined based on end use location, size, and volume)
  • Gapped E-I Construction and Split Leg Core Design to allow for Inductance Tuning
  • Complex 2nd and 3rd order low pass filter designs available
  • Customizable Termination Types and Connection Formats
  • Available in both copper and aluminum conductors (depending on size and design parameters)
  • Iron Core and Air Core Options Available (depending on design parameters)
  • Experience with both Non-Oriented, High Quality Grain Oriented (Amorphous – M6), and Powdered Iron Core Types
  • Custom Coating and Epoxy Options are Available for non-standard applications (IP56 / Carbon Dust / Shore Power and Off-Shore Applications)


Capacity: PC Board Level through 5 mVA Equivalent Part Size
Frequencies: 50, 60, 400 Hz through Switch-Mode Frequencies
Conductor: Copper and Aluminum
Agency Approvals UL Recognized Insulation System
Insulation Classes: A (105°C) thru R (220°C)
Termination: Flying Leads, Wiring Harnesses, Screw Terminals, Bus Bar, and Loop Tap
V&F Transformer AC line reactors

AC Line Reactors

V&F Transformer AC load reactors

AC Load Reactors

V&F Transformer DC chokes

DC Chokes

V&F Transformer iron core split leg

Iron Core: Split Leg / Gapped Construction

V&F Transformer air core

Air Core

V&F Transformer low pass filter assemblies

2nd Order and 3rd Order Low Pass Filter Assemblies

V&F Transformer low pass filter assemblies

Ripple Filter Assemblies

V&F Transformer inter-bridge reactors

Inter-bridge Reactors / Swing Chokes / DC Link Reactors

V&F Transformer PC board level components

PC Board Level Components

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