Manufacturing and Engineering Capabilities

V&F Products Span the Spectrum of Critical Power Systems

Leader in design optimization of reactive magnetics, low-voltage, instrument & switch-mode transformers 

Broadest Custom Product Line in the Industry: 

 -Power magnetics from milliwatts (mw) to beyond 5 MVA (600V & 15kVA class),
 -Also includes: reactive magnetics, chokes, inductors, current sense transformers, and assemblies. 

Optimization of Materials and Design Models: 

Leveraging 50+ years of test data, engineering expertise, extensive application knowledge.


of components to meet demanding customer specifications, building to customer approved specs and prints (BTP) 

V&F Transformer’s Global Operations

Serving Customer Needs Around the World 

 V&F Operations Elgin, IL Celina, TN 
-Technical Staff, Manufacturing Headquarters
-Technical Staff, Manufacturing 
Contract Manufacturing India, China
-Low Power Products sourced from contract manufacturers Medium  -Low Power Products sourced from contract manufacturers Regional Office 

Strategic Advantages for V&F


Approach to Agency Approvals:


Family Approvals– Covering multiple products 
  • Using easy to measure/inspect characteristics such as core cross section, material ratios, and material specific content minimums. 
            Benefits of this approach include: 
  • Enables customers to obtain UL labeling for their products 
  • V&F’s approvals have distinguishing factors from competitor files, creating barriers of entry for competitors.
  • Allows for an extended/indefinite useful life of approvals and creates robustness to shield against impairment.  

Extensive Experience in Key Product Areas 

Extensive Experience in Key Product Areas 
  • Class 2 & Class 3 transformer approvals & app-specific files 
  • Certified UL insulation systems up to 220°C
  • Single and 3-Phase UL listing (enclosed units) and UL recognized component (open core and coil) family approvals. Single-phase (15-100 kVA)
  • Three-phase (15-1000 kVA). 
  • Medium-voltage units with a UL recognized insulation system up to 34.5 kV, 150 kV BIL rating. 
  • UL file for 3-25 KVA transformers, complying with UL1047 (KEYQ2/8 UL product category). 

Strategic Advantages for V&F

Strategic Advantages for V&F
  •   Integrated product development relationships with customers
  • Exclusive supplier for key products 
  • V&F owns hard-to-obtain UL approvals required by some products

V&F Transformer’s Global Operations 


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Contract Manufacturing, China

Medium & Low Power Products sourced from contract manufacturers Regional Office

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V&F Operations Celina, TN 

Technical Staff, Manufacturing

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Contract Manufacturing, India

Low Power Products sourced from contract manufacturers

Capital Expenditures – Historical & Forecast

V&F has made substantial investments in manufacturing capacity and testing capabilities over the last several years. V&F is in the process of expanding capacity for specific customer programs and has already made substantial capital expenditures and/or capital commitments. V&F Transformer is ready for demand and has proven it by the following: We’ve invested over 4.7 million in capital expenditure over the last 5 years. We’ve upgraded facility capacity in both facilities with top of the line equipment and personnel. V&F planes to invest a similar amount in the coming years, to ensure our facilities are and stay top notch in the business.