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Toroidal units are typically used in applications in which there are size constraints or other sensitive electrical parameters that prevent the use of a standard E-I magnetic. V&F can produce toroids both domestically and internationally in various sizes ranging from PC Board Level component size up to 10+ kVA (11” Outside Diameter). V&F’s C-Core Product Line allows for the use of high grade materials (M4 and Better) in an efficient and repeatable manner thus reducing high labor costs and also allowing for easy to adjust reactive magnetics. V&F has an extensive supply chain, both domestically and internationally to allow standard and custom C-Core Configurations. Our C-Core Reactive Magnetics are primarily used in high frequency, high power reactor and choke applications which require inductance tuning and high grade core materials to address high energy harmonic content.

Special Features

  • Domestic and Overseas Production Capabilities
  • Various Toroidal Core Materials including Grain Oriented and Non-Oriented Tape Wound Cores, Ferrite, and Powdered Iron.
  • Customized toroidal core coatings available for high temperature and pressure applications
  • Toroidal units are available with Potted Center Hole Mounting Option (please contact engineering for details)
  • Fully Customizable C-Core Reactors to meet specified Inductance, Current, Frequency, and Harmonic Content requirements
  • Customized mounting brackets available for both Toroidal and C-Core Magnetics


Toroidal Capacity: 1VA thru 10+ kVA (11” Outer Diameter Max)
C-Core Capacity: Please Contact engineering for additional information
Frequencies: Power thru Switch-Mode
Conductor: Copper
Agency Approvals: UL Recognized Insulation System
Insulation Classes: A (105°C) thru R (220°C)
Termination: Flying Leads, Wiring Harnesses, and Bus Bar


C-Core Reactors

High Power/High Frequency-Harmonic Applications

Custom Current Transformers

Please contact engineering for additional details.

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