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The V&F engineering team can design a magnetic, whether it be a transformer or a reactive component to operate with no ventilation. The V&F team will custom design the magnetic component, the enclosure, as well as determine the appropriate potting compound to offer the same performance and life expectancy that you’d expect from a normally ventilated transformer. V&F’s global tooling capabilities and well established enclosure and epoxy supply chain will allow V&F to create a truly customized component to meet whatever environmental and electrical stresses your application will be placed in. These units are most typically found in shore power, off-shore, and industrial applications with dirty and dusty conditions that can harm an air cooled magnetic component.

Special Features

  • Domestic and Overseas Production Capabilities
  • Customizable encapsulation and enclosure options (enclosures can be customized based on material type, size, and paint color)
  • Completely customizable electrical requirements
  • Several encapsulation epoxies are available based on unit and application requirements


Capacity: Please contact engineering for additional information
Frequencies: 50, 60, and 400 Hz
Frequencies: Power thru Switch-Mode
Conductor: Copper and Aluminum
Agency Approval None
Insulation Classes: H (180°C) thru R (220°C)

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